For her latest exhibition, the photographer Cara Stricker has enlisted the help of some friends. “Make Love to the World,” which opens tomorrow night at The Hole Gallery in New York, will feature her personal photography alongside collaborations with musical talent such as Roger O’Donnell of the Cure), Blood Orange‘s Dev Hynes, and Sebastien Tellier’s keyboardist, John Kirb.

Stricker is no stranger to working with musical innovators, having collaborated with production mastermind Boots (the man behind Beyoncé’s mega-hit “Drunk in Love”) on a number of different visual projects.

What’s appealing about the photographer is her intuitive creative process. She speaks to the current demand for authenticity, and responds to this need by being sensitive to the moment. Her work is refreshing for its lack of self-consciousness and the resulting effect is impressive.

“Make Love to the World” as a collective body of work explores the relationship between the photographer and the artist. It is proof that the camera is no longer being used simply as a tool for documentation, but rather is being used to capture the artists’ vision of a world that looks very similar to our own.

“Make Love to the World” opens tomorrow at the Hole Gallery, 312 Bowery, New York.

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