A portrait ofHector Perez

Hector Perez




From the intimate coastal town of San Sebastian, Hector Perez developed a love for art and photography inspired by the city’s unique landscape and architecture.

At 17, Hector traveled to London to study and 2 years later furthered his studies at the renowned school Escola Massana, in Barcelona. While studying abroad, Hector met photographer Cesar Lucadamo, and began assisting him on fashion shoots. Shortly after, he assisted many other photographers, Stephan Ach, Txema Yeste and Enrique Badulescu among them. These experiences enabled him to discover and refine his stylistic approach to photography.

Much of his work is inspired by photographers Richard Avedon, Peter Lindbergh, Henri Cartier Bresson, and different cinematographers, which influenced the cinematic quality of his work.

In 2007, Hector Co-founded photography/showroom studio, “Door Studios” also known as “Boon”, located in the heart of Paris, Le Marais.

In 2010, Hector moved to New York, lending his creativity and visual talents to multiple publications and campaigns. His work recently caught the attention of the United Nations, offering him an opportunity to work in Colombia with super model, Helena Christensen, shooting refugee women and children of Bogota. Being able to work so closely with individuals that are otherwise closed off to the rest of the world, Bogota really brought him back to what he loved most about photography, shooting portraiture with compelling stories.

In many ways, a photo is really worth a thousand words. Every face tells a unique story, and Hector captures it flawlessly. Being able to share these stories with the world through his passion of photography is a gift, but spreading awareness and helping others through the process is what gives the spirit of his work life.