In a new music series titled ‘Drool’, Cara Stricker offers an intimate exploration of the collaborative process between artists. A new series of accompanying films, debuting exclusively here, are the latest installment in a multimedia series called ‘Make Love to the World’ released earlier this year.

Working with the likes of John Kirby (Sebastien Tellier) and Roger O’Donnell (The Cure), the films document Stricker’s visual and sonic connection to her friends and fellow artists. Describing the creative process, she says, “I would send my inspirations and visual direction to the different musicians and ask them to respond with a track.” Inviting viewers into a world of spacey sounds, the resulting films capture Stricker’s love for the sexual and psychedelic energy of the Seventies.

Talking about the narrative of the films, Stricker says, “I wanted to honor a sexual journey whilst also capturing a piece of time.” By working with such relevant musicians, she is able to create a visual and sonic landscape that celebrates the physical form responding to its environment.

Stricker’s music collaboration with Kirby will debut today alongside Collina Strada’s Spring 2015 presentation in New York. As the show’s collaborator in art direction, Stricker was able to create a space that would immerse guests in a holistic experience. The music, which will play alongside the collection, documents the collaborative journey of the artist, whilst showing us the inspiring results that come from collective creation.

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