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Spread dimensions: 31 x 21 in
Comes folded in fabric sleeve: 15.5 x 10 in

When the going gets tough, the arts get going. Historically, some of the most powerful art has come out of the worst times. Now when the foundations of our society are being questioned and the political climate seems more unstable
than at any other point in recent memory, art has the power not only to criticize but also to comfort. Art has the ability to provide a perspective on a situation that can sometimes feel hopeless. Social commentary through music, humor, art, or theater is often more nuanced than the screaming contest we watch on the evening news. While some are talking about going all in and standing up for our democratic values and human rights, others express themselves in a quieter, but nonetheless more personal and emotional, manner. We always look at artists who bravely try to communicate with their own honest voices in their own passionate ways. And hey, it doesn’t always have to be political. So whether you choose to take to the barricades of social media or write a song from a mountaintop, art might just be your best tool to outsmart bigotry, racism, intolerance, or just plain stupidity.

Featuring 6A Architects, Jacob Banks, Giancarlo Valle, Richard Malone, Charlee Fraser, Louise Despont, Othilia Simon, Charlie Plummer, Callum Turner, Shay Ashual, Emily Weiss, Jonah Reider, Sarah Gadon, Matthew Aucoin, Federico Curradi, and more.

On the cover: Imaan Hammam, photographed by Cass Bird.