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Spread dimensions: 31 x 21 in
Comes folded in fabric sleeve: 15.5 x 10 in

As much as we like to view ourselves as a global magazine—which in fact we are—we keep coming back to the unspoken theme of celebrating our home, the city we love: New York. When photographer Dan Martensen met with us about doing the cover story for this issue, the conversation started with a travel story, an ambitious idea of going somewhere and shooting at some favorite spots on location, mixing fashion, food, and local culture. When Dan revealed that he and his wife, stylist Clare Richardson, would relocate from New York to London for a year or so with their daughter, we quickly decided that this story should be a love letter to New York, at Dan’s and Clare’s favorite places in the city starring one of our favorite models, Binx Walton, with some friends doing cameos. Is it a farewell letter or just a celebration of our hometown? It certainly makes you want to go out and rediscover some great restaurants and other sweet spots in New York. Hopefully, we can always spread the love for New York yet another time to our readers around the world. Just don’t call it another New York issue.

On the cover: Binx Walton, photographed by Dan Martensen.