The Poland-born, New York-raised photographer Kava Gorna’s images all carry a special intimacy, from her quiet portraits to her series for our Fall 2014 issue, in which she captured three topless women against a searing sunset. Here, she captures the gorgeous Louise Parker in the most private moments of her day, dressed—or undressed—in a state of complete ease. “I was just really inspired by little tableaus of what a personal moment is,” Gorna explains, “the things that you do when you are in your underwear, in your home.” Styled by Catherine Newell-Hanson in clean lingerie, Parker is caught in a state of introspection, lost in thought as she prepares to meet the day. Check back for part two of Gorna’s series next week.
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Acne Studios eyewear


April 15, 2015

As the models walked through the Centre Pompidou in March at the Acne Studios Fall 2015 show, the obvious eye-catching accessory was the baroque nose ring, studded and bejeweled and weighing heavily on their faces. But designer Jonny Johansson smartly offered a similarly engaging—if more accessible—option as well with his oversized sunglasses, a futuristic, seemingly seamless shield that served up both protection and style. Those glasses—fittingly named Mask—are now available as part of the Swedish brand’s début eyewear collection, along with a broad range of other attractive shapes and sizes for both men and women.
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Matthew Beard Imitation Game Skylight


April 14, 2015

Late last month, the young English actor Matthew Beard planned to celebrate his twenty-sixth birthday in a way perfectly fitting for a newcomer to New York—atop the Empire State Building. He never quite made it, but spent the day instead engaged in an equally iconic—if somewhat more rarefied—Big Apple tradition, performing in his Broadway début, in his case opposite Carey Mulligan and Bill Nighy. “I was all depressed about it being my birthday and being twenty-six, and then someone was like, ‘Yeah, you’re on Broadway, it must be the worst birthday ever,’” he laughs. “I was like, ‘Oh yeah, what the hell am I talking about?’ I have to remind myself every now and then.”
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April 13, 2015

For the artist, longevity is a fickle beast. The market accepts and rejects on a whim, often inexplicably, and the same sources that drive creativity can just as quickly diminish it. In music, the rise and fall can be particularly swift—it is, after all, the industry of one-hit wonders, the 27 Club, inevitable band breakups. There always seem to be too many forces at play.

Dawes is a band whose idols—Bob Dylan, Jackson Browne, Robbie Robertson, and Crosby, Stills, and Nash—are at once legends and symbols of persistence, decades strong. They are also predictable icons for an American folk-rock foursome, particularly one for whom Laurel Canyon is home. But Dawes distinguishes itself from its contemporaries in one significant way: some of those legends are also their tourmates, and their tenacity is rubbing off.
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Kaitlyn Dever


April 9, 2015

Kaitlyn Dever concedes, with uncustomary sheepishness, to rarely finishing novels. That’s not to say the eighteen-year-old actress isn’t a reader—her appetite for film scripts of any pedigree as she searches for her next “real and honest story” borders on rapacious—but the last book she picked up was Frankenstein, and only because she had to. (It was on the curriculum.) The next, and final, volume she’ll ever read in exchange for a high school grade is Nineteen Eighty-Four.
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