The location of Jean-Marc Houmard’s latest property—the heart of colonial Granada, Nicaragua, one of the oldest cities in South America—may surprise those who are familiar with its owner from his urbane New York City eateries, Indochine and Acme, but Tribal Hotel remains true to his taste. Whereas Houmard’s restaurants offer a tropical feel in a city environment, Tribal Hotel brings a curated beauty to a quiet place. Designed in the Mid-century Modern ӕsthetic with rural whims, Tribal has an unassuming façade, but is warm, and boasts simple elegance within. Truly a boutique hotel, Tribal offers five suites, each with a terrace and each different from the next, but all hand-designed in a signature style and replete with one-of-a-kind, Nicaraguan artisanal pieces.
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Astrid Bergès-Frisbey


July 21, 2014

In Marisha Pessl’s début novel, Special Topics in Calamity Physics, the narrator, the overeducated and metaphor-happy Blue van Meer, describes a fellow classmate’s eyes as “the color of a kiddy pool (blue, green, suspicious hints of yellow),” a strikingly precise approximation that applies equally well to Astrid Bergès-Frisbey, star of the new film I Origins. The Spanish actress’ unique pigmentation comes thanks to sectoral heterochromia, a rare genetic mutation that writer and director Mike Cahill, in a stunning coincidence, had already assigned to her character Sofi before ever meeting her.
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The Last Word short story


July 17, 2014

David Rice’s short story “Egon’s Parents” offers a surreal take on guilt, responsibility, and identity. Read it here as part of our Last Word series of original fiction.
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Seilenna swimwear


July 15, 2014

Belgian-born designer Annelies De Rouck understands the difficulties women face when it comes to what can be considered a stressful ordeal—shopping for the perfect swimsuit. She discovered that when she asked her friends about their favorite swimwear brands, great suits would be found and used until they fell apart. When it came time to find a new swimsuit, their favorite styles were often discontinued. “I realized that there is not that much consistency in fit at most brands and that women were really looking for that,” De Rouck explains. “As a result, women don’t seem to be loyal to one or two go-to brands. They spend a lot of time shopping around, often with disappointing results.”
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Fobe House Guilhem Eustache


July 9, 2014

The Fobe House in Marrakech, Morocco, is strikingly contemporary. At first glance, it’s all starkness and contrasts, a cascade of sharply-angled white structures speckled across an arid landscape. Infinity pools, floating terraces, and a mysterious neon glow are all present, each detail adding to the disparity between modernity and the home’s surroundings—really nothing, save the Atlas Mountains at the horizon.
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