At the Philadelphia-based blog YVYNYL’s showcase at Union Pool last week, Lydia Ainsworth took the stage for the first of her eight CMJ shows. Typically staging her live performances like pieces of orchestrated theater, with dancers, an orchestra section, and, on one occasion, a live snake, Ainsworth’s set was noticeably toned down as she stood by her computer and played the keys with the support of only a cellist, violinist, and drummer. Settling into her groove, Ainsworth opened with the ghostly “Malachite,” her voice bellowing through the small venue, fittingly decorated with Halloween décor.
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Melissa Gamwell


October 29, 2014

The gnarled and pocked contours of an unearthed animal bone, carefully catalogued shards of attic pottery, the viscosity of a new batch of bone-china slip or heated wax: these are the things that make the artist Melissa Gamwell’s heart beat a little faster. Gamwell uses a sophisticated technical process involving bone china, phosphate dyes, water, and semiprecious metals to create sculptural objects that seductively straddle the line between the fine and applied arts. The result is beautifully disconcerting: fine china and flatware firmly reimagined through the chaotic logic of the natural world.
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CMJ Ryn Weaver


October 27, 2014

When “OctaHate” was first released this summer, the Internet exploded with speculation about the origins of the “brand-new” artist who, on her first spout of work, collaborated with Charli XCX, Passion Pit’s Michael Angelakos, Benny Blanco, and Cashmere Cat, all on one song. Ryn Weaver, whose real name is Aryn Wüthrich, however, wasn’t new. The talented vocalist has worked with Blanco for the past two years, and as Aryn, released a song with Cashmere Cat in 2013, all while working restaurant jobs and couch surfing in Los Angeles. In short, she had paid her dues.
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Steve McQueen Broken Column Frieze London


October 24, 2014

Frieze Art Fair has become more than just a fair—it is now the center from which spirals a plethora of activity as London institutions and galleries launch their biggest exhibitions of the year. Alongside these are some of the biggest auction sales, designed to catch the attention of the international art community that descends to purchase and absorb the city’s latest offerings.
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October 21, 2014

Le Corbusier swore by the golden ratio. Much like venerated early mathematicians Euclid and Fibonacci, the Swiss architect and urban planner was confident that by recreating this geometric relationship—shortened to the decimal 1.61—the most gratifying, harmonious proportions could be arrived at. This clarity of vision, this dogged certainty that disciplined thinking is key to effective design, is one shared by New York label 1.61.
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