Ever since we began back in 2008, we have worked with photographer David Mushegain every issue to bring you a collection of some of the raddest people from all around the world. David shoots and gets to know the young kids he meets on his travels, through his friends, or just walking down the street, and we are always happy to share his discoveries with you.

I was in Milan with the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Anthony and Josh and I headed over to the Costume National store to meet Dragana Capasa, the wife of designer Ennio Capasa. The boys were getting set up with some clothes. We were there trying on clothing and in walks this gorgeous young woman. And of course this is the daughter of Ennio and Dragana. I say of course because the whole family is gorgeous and so so stylish. Anna Luisa Capasa was born in Milan. She has been studying in an English school there since she was five and it shows as she speaks perfect English. I just said that because she wrote me that in an email when I asked her to tell me a little about her. She also told me that she likes traveling, doing kung fu and yoga, going to the cinema, and hanging out with her friends. Anna is also an actress. She has been in two films, A Woman and L’amore fa male. She plans to soon move to the US or the UK to study acting. I photographed her with her guitar because she plays guitar a lot and is a lovely musician. I would say Anna is a lovely person too. She is sincere and beautiful. I know I already said the whole Capasa family is gorgeous, but I must say that they have a really wonderful energy about them. I think they’re just happy. And it’s so sweet to see that. I really enjoy their company. I photographed Anna in the driveway in front of her family’s house in the center of Milan.

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