Peter Lindbergh’s Images of Women II is an elegant celebration of female beauty and the German photographer who has been capturing its elusive qualities for several decades. Published by Schirmer/Mosel to commemorate Lindbergh’s seventieth birthday, the Juan Gatti–designed tome features over 320 images that focus on a body of work created between 2005 and 2014. The book unites nude photographs and portraits of celebrities, with some of the sitters first captured during the Nineties, a decade defined by Lindbergh’s fashion photography. With the current return to the time’s æsthetic, honoring one of its key figures seems timely. Throughout the Nineties, Lindbergh created numerous iconic images, bathing supermodels in his signature soft light, a tender glow reminiscent of late winter afternoons. Inspired by Twenties Berlin and Hollywood, Lindbergh’s work is cinematic, each image unfolding personal narratives: Linda Evangelista is led down a narrow New York street, her chiffon dress trailing on rain-speckled cobblestones; Naomi Campbell is snapped walking a Dalmatian, her oversized silk shirt mirroring the pet’s fur. As Lindbergh tells us, “There are two things I really treasure, women and photography, and this book gave me the possibility to mix both of them.”

Images of Women II: 2005–2014 is out now from Schirmer/Mosel. Photography © Peter Lindbergh, courtesy of Schirmer/Mosel.

Felix Bischof is a London-based writer and researcher.

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