The location of Jean-Marc Houmard’s latest property—the heart of colonial Granada, Nicaragua, one of the oldest cities in South America—may surprise those who are familiar with its owner from his urbane New York City eateries, Indochine and Acme, but Tribal Hotel remains true to his taste. Whereas Houmard’s restaurants offer a tropical feel in a city environment, Tribal Hotel brings a curated beauty to a quiet place. Designed in the Mid-century Modern ӕsthetic with rural whims, Tribal has an unassuming façade, but is warm, and boasts simple elegance within. Truly a boutique hotel, Tribal offers five suites, each with a terrace and each different from the next, but all hand-designed in a signature style and replete with one-of-a-kind, Nicaraguan artisanal pieces.

“When you move to a country,” Houmard muses, “you have to give back.” This sentiment explains why each adornment in the hotel was Nicaragua-bought and custom-made for the location, a touch that lends to Tribal’s unique, but familiarly warm environment. Beautifully crafted woods, hand-woven wicker baskets, and Nicaragua’s natural greenery tangle together to create enchanting outdoor spaces, while white-walled rooms and traditionally patterned rugs lend the feel of a stylish New York studio with a South American sentiment. Impressively, there is neither an architect nor a trained designer behind this elegant escape. Houmard and his partner Yvan Cussigh alone are responsible for designing and drawing every detail, from the building itself to the chairs that inhabit it.

Tribal Hotel is capable of disarming the city dweller seeking temporary refuge from a hectic environment. Its ideal location provides proximity to what Houmard describes as “hipster beaches,” islands to visit by way of boat, and volcanoes. A stay at Tribal can be tailored to be as busy or leisurely as a guest desires. Surrounded by so much physical perfection, it is easy to forget that the true beauty of Tribal lies in its symbiotic relationship with the colonial city that it inhabits.

tribal hotel

tribal hotel

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Morgan Young is a writer for The Last Magazine and a freelance photographer.

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