For the New Delhi-based luxury leather crafter Nappa Dori, respect for heritage is the source of creativity. Based out of what founder Gautam Sinha calls a “quaint little design district” called Hauz Khas Village, the company promotes its traditional Indian culture and æsthetic roots through a wide variety of handcrafted products.

While many American and European designers alike touch upon Indian themes in their designs, Nappa Dori is unique in that its entire team is based in India. The brand specializes in a mixed bag of products that range from handcrafted leather fashion accessories to home decor—all of which harness the designers’ Indian heritage. “Nappa Dori celebrates India and Indian artisanship, getting traditional handcrafted techniques back into focus, and doing it in a language which crosses borders and has inter- national appeal,” says Sinha. “It is an Indian product, but targeted to a wider audience which appreciates design and the finer details.”

Since being launched in 2010, Nappa Dori has earned attention through a collection of collaborations around the world including handmade menu covers for Nobu and in-room leather goods for Hilton and the Burj al Arab in Dubai. Now in 2017, Nappa Dori has set its sights to the sky with amenity kits for Qatar Airways and just opened a pop-up shop set amid the crystal-clear ocean hues of the Maldives. And the brand is proving to be equally appealing on its own home turf as well. “The younger generation is a lot more confident, is proud to be Indian, and carries homegrown brands—which was not the case years back,” Sinha explains. “There is a feeling of self-confidence and a sense of pride attached to it, which is amazing for a young country like India.”

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