The beginning of December helps kick off the mad, headlong rush to the holidays at the end of the year, bringing an exhausting twelve months to a close as we look ahead hopefully to 2018. Here to help through the busy next few weeks, we present our annual selection of gifts for you and yours, including everything you can imagine from a silk toothbrush on up to your own private island.

Toothbrush in silk
Show your true colors. Last Edition – Last United Scarf, $40 at The Last Magazine

Toothbrush in silk
You’ve only got one set—take good care of them. Toothbrush in silk, €36 at Officine Universelle Buly

Marble Mortar Set
Grinding herbs fresh adds more flavor to your recipes. That this culinary classic happens to be very beautiful too makes it an even more promising gift. Pietrasanta Marble Mortar Set, $125 at Il Buco Vita

Natural Dye
Are your clothes to die for? Natural dye, $20 at Audrey Louise Reynolds

Sal de mar sea salt
Get a taste of the sea, no matter how landlocked you are. Sal de Mar Sea Salt, $14 at Kindred Black

Festive Decorations
Nothing gets you more in the mood than some stylish Christmas decorations. Festive Decorations, $17 at COS

headspace app
The mind can be a weird place, why not give someone a healthy sense of perspective with a meditation app? One-year subscription, $17 at Headspace

Roller skates
Rolling into the new year like. Joriko Roller, $800 at Acne Studios

For your New Year’s best or your Christmas sweater. Valet, $900 at The Line

Book_Japanese Garden_2
We love books and Japanese gardens. Here’s a book about Japanese gardens. The Japanese Garden by Sophie Walker, $43.37 at Amazon

Handmade candles of one-hundred-percent beeswax, offering purifying effects when burned. Do we need to say more? Collepino Twisted Candle, $18 at Il Buco Vita

Double Rainbow Weaving
Made using traditional Navajo weaving techniques, part of the proceeds from this wall hanging go to benefit the Southern Poverty Law Center. Meghan Shimek Double Rainbow Weaving, $1200 at Otherwild

When you want him to linger a little longer. Candle, $29 at Boy Smells

Privat island
Eight beds and seven baths on your own fully-developed private island in Belize. North Saddle Caye, $6,000,000 at Sotheby’s International Realty

Russ & Daughters
Gift someone some yummy NYC nostalgia with a delivery of classic Russ & Daughters items specially selected by Martha Stewart. Martha’s Favorites Package, $125 at Russ & Daughters

Flower workshop
Every petal in its place. Flower Arranging Workshop, from $425 at Ariel Dearie Flowers

Scratch off where you’ve been and see where you’re going next. Scratch Off World Map Poster, $38.97 at Amazon

Love is Art
Making art and love at the same time. Love Is Art Canvas and Paint Kit, $60 at Amazon

Giant Sheepskin Bag
What’s more comfortable than a six-foot-wide sheepskin beanbag? Fibre by Auskin Giant Sheepskin Bean Bag, $2485 at Ultimate Sheepskin

For the roast with the most. Roasting 101 course, $100 at Fleishers Craft Butchery

African bag
Custom beaded bags from Antonia Stogdale’s organization maintain the traditional Maasai way of life and provide employment for many women. AnTassia Bespoke Maasai Beaded Designs at Antonia Stogdale

Women's Libation
One part cocktails and one part feminism. Women’s Libation!: Cocktails to Celebrate a Woman’s Right to Booze, $10.56 at Amazon

Useless box
The name explains it all. Leave Me Alone Useless Box Kit, $13.60 at Amazon

Empire State Building 3D Puzzle with LED 38 Pieces-
Make sure your Christmas is lit at all times. Empire State Building 3D Puzzle with LED, $17.42 at Amazon

Leather and Walnut Table Tennis Paddles
The best way to elevate your game in more ways than one. Leather and Walnut Table Tennis Paddles, $650 at Tiffany & Co.

Egyptian Magic creme
The Ancient Egyptians’ Secret Magical Cream—what else do you need? Egyptian Magic All Purpose Skin Cream, $27.49 at Amazon

Custom embro_orignial
Make your special things even specialer. Custom embroidery, at Any Body’s Custom Design Embroidery

Iron Glazed Tea Pot | BELLOCQ
Perfect for Bellocq’s 2006 Mengsong Raw, spring harvest, and a pu’er cake from the Xishuangbanna Prefecture in Yunnan. Iron Glazed Tea Pot, $34 at Bellocq Tea Atelier

EBS 260 Handjet Portable Printer - Hand Jet Printer Price 2
If not for yourself, buy one for us. We would have a lot of fun with one of these. EBS 260 Handjet Portable Printer, $5600 at Inkjet Coding and Marking

Perfect for your private Caribbean island. Muji Hut, ¥3,000,000 at Muji

dawid zwirner books
Just the right size for the intellectual on the go. Ekphrasis series, $12.95 at David Zwirner Books

Celebrating Jesus and his squad in style. Minimalist Nativity Set, $35 at the MCA Store

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