For the past seven years, New York-based marketing aficionado Jason Keehn has been crafting the brand identities of such luxury giants as John Varvatos, Perry Ellis, and Equinox. “I always loved the magic—the beautiful design—of the fashion world,” explains Keehn, “but you don’t want it to be all-consuming.” It’s a sentiment that you hear all the time in the industry—a desire to do more—but one that’s voiced more often to superficial effect. Keehn’s commitment to a more ethical practice is anything but surface level. This past November, he launched Accompany, a globally curated, ethically sourced e-commerce site showcasing such fashion and lifestyle products as the Shaw Sisters’ hand-carved, South African-produced artisanal coconut wood spoons and Inigo Elizalde’s graphic, hand-embroidered linen pillows—one hundred percent of whose profits go to typhoon relief in Elizalde’s native Philippines. “It doesn’t have to be black or white. You don’t have to walk away from the marketing world and go become a martyr,” says Keehn. “You can have gorgeous products and give back. It’s more of a trade-on world than a trade-off world.”

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Ashley Simpson writes about art, culture, and fashion for
Interview, V,, and W. She grew up in Hawaii and the South and is currently based in Brooklyn.

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