The work of the 28-year-old British jewelry designer known as Duffy bears a clear nostalgia for times past, in idea and execution. His latest collection, Memories of Innocence, began with a reminiscence of a small sculpture his mother kept among hundreds of antique trinkets in his childhood home: a classic See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil monkey set, which Duffy has translated into skull-necklace form, in heavily oxidized sterling silver with gold-plated crosses. From here, he remembers and reinterprets the memory of collecting feathers on the beach as a kid, the injured birds his dad found and nursed to health, his dreaming and going to church. The symbols appear in each of the pieces—delicately textured feathers, a lustrous talon, the hands of the divine. Beyond the line’s symbolic nature, Duffy’s artistry proves equally poetic. He carves everything by hand in his East London workshop, from locally-sourced materials. “I treat each piece as a sculpture in its own right. The practicalities of how it is worn are secondary,” he says.

For more information, please visit DuffyJewellery.com.

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