Ever since we began ten issues ago, we have worked with photographer David Mushegain every issue to bring you a collection of some of the raddest people from all around the world. David shoots and gets to know the young kids he meets on his travels, through his friends, or just walking down the street, and we are always happy to share his discoveries with you. Our weekly postings of David’s Last People continue right here.

I first saw Maro Chon walking down the street in Austin, Texas, at SXSW. I was walking with my friend Josh and was like, Oh shit, check out that kid. I gotta go talk to him. Anyway I went up to Maro and asked to get his information so I could photograph him sometime. He told me thanks but no thanks. And he walked away. Shit I was thinking how perfect he would be to shoot. Anyway chance had it that I saw him three days later. We talked a bit more and I got his information and since then we have become friends. Maro is super super cool. He is a great skateboarder and a mellow person and an extremely talented musician. He writes songs and plays the guitar. And he’s kind of on another level. He was offered to play with Lady Gaga a couple of times now on tour but his first goal is finishing school in Boston at the Berklee College of Music. He is almost done. While in school he is playing with, writing songs for, and producing for Shea Rose and DCFAM. He also has his solo stuff and he has a mixtape you can download at @Malicemaro is his Instagram and Twitter name too. Anyway Maro was born in Korea and moved at an early age to Las Vegas until relocating to Boston for school. Maro has probably the raddest hair I have maybe ever seen. That is a fucking weird comment but I’m serious. His dreads are crazy. I’m not sure what else to say at the moment. Maro is rad, super talented, and has dope style. Good combo and kind of sums it up. I photographed him at my house in Weho.

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