Ever since we began back in 2008, we have worked with photographer David Mushegain every issue to bring you a collection of some of the raddest people from all around the world. David shoots and gets to know the young kids he meets on his travels, through his friends, or just walking down the street, and we are always happy to share his discoveries with you. Our weekly postings of David’s Last People continue right here.

Azra Deniz Okyay is from Istanbul, Turkey. I met her through my friend Soko. I found her and her current project really interesting and I wanted to share. Azra is currently working on a film about immigration. I will try to sum it up real quick. She wrote the script between Paris and Istanbul. There are two stories told in the film, the one of an Armenian woman living in Istanbul and the other of a Turkish woman living in Paris. Let your mind wander and I think you can see it’s an incredible idea. There are so many powerful stories to be told, and this to me is one of them. Just the idea of an Armenian woman living in a land that fails to recognize a genocide they committed against her ancestors. And a Turkish woman faced with being a Muslim in a world that is increasingly skeptical about its Muslim citizens. Azra herself is a beautiful soul. She is intelligent and sweet and just an awesome person. I’m so happy to have met her and to know that she is creating this film. I can’t wait to see it. We shot this photo in the Marais right by the métro exit at Saint-Paul. You know, where that little kids’ ride is…

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