Ever since we began back in 2008, we have worked with photographer David Mushegain every issue to bring you a collection of some of the raddest people from all around the world. David shoots and gets to know the young kids he meets on his travels, through his friends, or just walking down the street, and we are always happy to share his discoveries with you. Our weekly postings of David’s Last People continue right here.

I’m going to fuck this one up. I don’t have the names, but I have the group name. Moon By You. I don’t know much about the music. So let me explain. I know Sarah Q is the name of the gorgeous woman in the photo. I just can’t recall the gentleman’s name. I put his number as Moon By You in my phone. So Anthony Kiedis and I were riding around New Orleans on scooters a month or so ago as we were there for the making of a Chili Peppers video for “Brendan’s Death Song.” We were cruising to this little hood that we heard was the jam. I can’t remember where it was, but it was the jam for sure. There were these two kids playing music and Anthony noticed them and was like, ‘Hey let’s go check them out.’ Anyway we scooted over and these kids were just awesome. We made a plan to meet up with them the next day. I did and I photographed them and here is the photo. And actually they ended up in the Chili Peppers video too…So Sarah Q is rad and such a cool girl. I loved taking photos of her. I hope I see her again. Hope I see both of them. So sorry if this is a lame non-professional journalistic write-up, but it is what it is…we took this photo in New Orleans somewhere…just up the street from the van they were living in…and that’s not their dog…it came walking by and kind of jumped in the shot…lovely…

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