Ever since we began ten issues ago, we have worked with photographer David Mushegain every issue to bring you a collection of some of the raddest people from all around the world. David shoots and gets to know the young kids he meets on his travels, through his friends, or just walking down the street, and we are always happy to share his discoveries with you. Our weekly postings of David’s Last People continue right here.

I met Jenny Tuite in Austin, Texas, and went to see her band play there. I stayed for a couple of songs and thought, Okay, this is okay, but this girl is rad. She’s beautiful and sweet and has good energy. I wanted to know more about her. I had the chance to go visit her and her boyfriend John Lutkevich at their apartment in North Hollywood. I was just intending to photograph Jenny but I thought John was really cool. They perform together under the name Cloud Cover and the Elephant Only Zoo. (They’re on Bandcamp, I like this song “Montreal.”) When not together, Jenny plays with her band Dirty Dishes and John with his band the Devil and a Penny. (Also on Bandcamp, I like this track “Dinosaurs Conspired.”). I hope the two work more together. I’m not huge on Jenny’s band Dirty Dishes. Just not my vibe but I love Jenny. I think she will do awesome things down the road. And for me I just like the energy between her and John. More collab tracks please, guys :). John also does some really cool collage art that is around their house and Jenny does too. Jenny told me hers is more realistic and John’s more dreamy. And I can totally see that in the people they are too. It makes for a good combo. I think what I really liked is just their story. A couple of kids move to LA to make it happen. They live in a little apartment in North Hollywood. Simple lives doing their art. I love it. I know it’s all around us but it doesn’t get old. It’s what is beautiful about life. Creating and being in love and just making it happen in one way or another. I have seen so many young couples come to this city and the story never gets boring to me. It’s so nice to watch and document and follow their progress. Some stay together, some don’t. I get the feeling these two will be together. They seem to have a nice understanding of one another. But who knows? That’s not the point. The point is I think they’re both creative and nice and let’s see where they go. I photographed Jenny and John in their bedroom of their apartment.

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