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Brooklyn has always been a hub of creativity and, of late, it’s become a home to a slew of festivals, showcasing both the experimental and the popular.

The Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival, now in its seventh year, is no stranger to the dichotomous mix of both big name and emerging talent. This year’s festival takes places across several venues from Nov. 5-8.

Last year, Katie Longmyer, one of the festival’s co-owners, partnered with us to create an exclusive playlist of electronic music. This year, Longmyer went even deeper, creating a playlist for The Last Magazine along with track notes and insights on artists featured at this year’s festival, including Deep Inside, Daniel Avery, Armand Van Helden, and Kelela.

Check out the playlist and Longmyer’s track notes below. The Last Magazine also partnered with the Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival to comp part of any ticket ordered by Last readers. To get your ticket, use the code “startedonadancefloorinbk” at this link.

Track 4: “Deep Inside” Hardrive (MAW Mix)
One of my favorite dance tracks of all time. I grew up on this track and return to it regularly. A timeless, true anthem. They’ll be going back to back with Soul Clap at BEMF. Its hard to imagine a better night of house music.

Track 8: “You Don’t Know Me” Armand Van Helden
This song dropped for the first time in my early club days. It brings back tons of memories of exploring night clubs and dance music. Armand, a true NY legend, has so many memorable hits to choose from, I went with some classics, including this and the Spin Spin Sugar—Sneaker Pimps Garage Mix he did, also included in this playlist as one of my favs.

Track 12: “Real Fresh” Feat. Vin Sol & Matrixxman
You may have noticed Matrixxman commanding the world’s attention these days with his drum tracks and countless DJ sets. I learned about him and his music because of my close friendship with producer and DJ Vin Sol who gave him his DJ name and collaborates with him regularly. I can’t wait for the “techno-spanking” he’s promised us this year at Daniel Avery’s Divided Love night at Output.

Track 13: “Knowing We’ll Be Here” Daniel Avery
I compiled this playlist in a Paris AirBnB while accompanying my best friend and talented jeweler Jules Kim, of Bijules, to this year’s Fashion Week. As I sifted through (and played on repeat) all the tracks I loved to narrow down my favorites, every time Daniel Avery came on her eyes would shine. Jules (and Paris), this one’s for you.

Track 14: “Send Me Out” Kelela, Obey City Edit
One of my favorite DJs, Kingdom (Fade To Mind), introduced me to Kelela. I think I played her EP on repeat for three months straight. This edit is from one of this year’s Brooklyn-native DJs, Obey City from my favorite global crew, LuckyMe. LuckyMe has hosted a BEMF stage in our previous years and has pushed the boundaries of what music sounds like for all of us. We’re excited to host one of their Brooklyn natives.

And yes, the playlist ends with this track to send you on your way with some good vibes…

Photo courtesy of Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival

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